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Aristotle's Metaphysics diagram

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Plato on Knowledge and Perception diagram

Diagram of philosophy of: Plato on Knowledge and Perception

Plato's Cosmogony diagram

Diagram of philosophy of: Plato's Cosmogony

Plato's Theory of Ideas/Forms diagram

Diagram of philosophy of: Plato's Theory of Ideas/Forms

Plato's Utopia diagram

Diagram of philosophy of: Plato's Utopia

Meno summary

Meno, by Plato.
Cool quote from text:“the good are not so by nature...For if they were, this would follow: if the good were so by nature, we would have people who knew which among the young were good by nature; we would take those whom they had pointed out and guard them in the Acropolis, sealing them up there much more carefully than gold so that no one could corrupt them, and when they reached maturity they would be useful to their cities.”
You can read Meno here:
Meno visits Socrates, starting the dialogue off by asking a question. Meno inquires about the concept of virtue and whether it is acquired in some way, through teaching or experience, or implanted at birth. To Meno's surprise, Socrates responds with a statement entailing that he, nor anyone else he knows, understands virtue. However, Socrates does offer to help define the term, and Meno accepts. Socrates goes on to explain various details surrounding the concept of virtue, while qu…